20+ Best Movie Fonts for 2022

Faizan Bhatti
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Today, we celebrate the entertaining world of films with a collection of movie fonts you can use to craft your own movie posters, film titles, end credits, and more.

Back in the day, movie fans used to collect posters and decorate walls with them because each movie poster had a creative and amazing design. Even though today’s movie posters have basically the same look they still have one element that makes them different — the title font.

If you’re a movie fan, you will definitely fall in love with the fonts in this collection. We handpicked some amazing fonts that are just the perfect fit for crafting a memorable title for a movie poster. Of course, they are great for many other types of designs as well.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Okami — Brush-Style Movie Font

Okami is a brush-style font that features a rough letter design that also gives it an anime-like look and feel. This makes it a great choice for designing titles for creative projects such as posters, video games, T-shirt designs, or even Halloween banners.

2. Anima — Thriller Movie Font

This font has that same evil and menacing look that you normally see in movies when introducing the businesses owned by the villain. It’s that evil look that makes this font one of the best on our list. Be sure to use it well to make equally terrifying titles in your designs.

3. Another Danger — Horror Movie Font

Whether you’re making a title for a horror movie or designing a flyer for a scary film festival, this font will help you design a killer title (pun not intended). It has all the elements of a scary title you’d expect to see in a slasher movie and, needless to say, it’ll look amazing when used with the color Red.

4. Shining Bright — Spooky Movie Font

If you’ve watched the classic 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, you’ll have noticed the resemblance this font has to the title designs of the Shining. While it’s not an exact copy of the font used in the movie promo materials, the font design is inspired by it. The font is perfect for a spooky title design.

5. Belmont — Movie Title Font

Belmont is a bold and attractive font that comes with a design inspired by medieval times. It will instantly remind you of castles and knights. And this makes it a great choice for crafting titles and text with such style. The font includes many alternate characters as well.

6. Yokai — Free Horror Movie Font

Yokai is an incredible movie font that comes with a set of scary-looking characters. With this font, you can design titles for horror movies that terrify the viewers. The best part is that this font is completely free to use, even with commercial projects.

7. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — Free Movie Font

As you may have guessed, this font comes with a design inspired by the recent Tarantino movie of the same name. It’s designed to look like the font used in the award-winning film. You can use it for free with personal projects.

8. Monolith — Chipped Movie Font

Monolith is a very unique font that comes with a chipped letter design that gives it a one-of-a-kind look. This font is perfect for designing titles for animated movies, video games, greeting cards, and everything in between. It’s an all-caps font with a set of alternate characters.

9. Due Credit — Movie Poster Credits Font

This font is designed with movie posters and DVD covers in mind. It features a tall and narrow design to help you craft credit blocks on posters and covers while taking minimum spacing. The font comes in 2 different styles featuring uppercase and lowercase letters as well as 4 weights.

10. Medusa Gothic — Movie Font

Medusa is a gothic-style font inspired by Romanesque typography. It features unique alternate characters that will add a spooky vibe to your title designs. This font will fit in well with various types of movie posters, cover designs, and title designs.

11. Free Ice Age Movie Font

This free font needs no introduction. It’s completely inspired by the font used in the Ice Age animated movies. You can download it for free to use with your personal projects. We don’t recommend using the font with commercial projects anyway.

12. Rush Turbo — Free Movie Font

Rush Turbo is a stylish font that has the same characteristics as a movie poster font. It has a slightly slanted look that gives a sense of speed so it’s appropriate for designs involving speed and agility. It’s free for personal use.

13. Sci Fi Bronze — Futuristic Movie Font

Science fiction movies usually feature a similar style of font design that basically represents the genre. This font has that same style of letter design but with a more stretched-out look. It’s still perfect for your sci-fi movie posters and title designs.

14. Polaris — Space Movie Font

Polaris is a font that features a futuristic and bold design. If you’re working on a title design for a movie, book, or anything that takes place in outer space, this is the font you should use in your design. It’s perfect for logo and website header designs as well.

15. Scary Things — Sharp Horror Movie Font

Just as the name suggests, this font will fit in well with all scary thins. It has a subtle scary look that’s just what you need to add a freaky and terror vibe to your title designs. The font also features multilingual support.

16. Warden — Casual Movie Font

If you’re looking for a font with a fun and casual design, start your design with this one. It’s ideal for designing titles for kid’s movies, banners for kid’s events, book covers, and so much more.

17. GORE — Bold Violent Movie Font

Gore is a bold and chunky font but don’t let that thick letter design fool you. It also has a suspense-filled scary look that will go along great with title designs for violent movies and thriller novels.

18. Skream — Free Horror Movie Brush Font

Skream is a free brush font that comes with a horror movie-themed letter design. While it’s ideal for scary title designs, you can use it for other types of design projects as well.

19. Horror Vision — Free Movie Font

This free font has a fun take on horror movies. It looks quite comical that makes the font a great choice for designing titles for Halloween-themed posters and banners. The font is free to use with personal projects.

20. Reisenberg 2.0 — Classic Movie Font

This is a cool font you can use to design a classic and minimalist poster design. It actually looks a lot similar to (or at least inspired by) the fonts used in the Trainspotting movies. The font includes a set of all-caps letters along with alternate characters and glyphs.

21. Mars Attack — Narrow Movie Font

Mars Attack is a tall and narrow movie font that’s simply perfect for crafting an attractive title. It will fit in nicely with movie posters, book covers, and even T-shirts or logos. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

22. The Crow — Vintage Movie Font

This font takes inspiration from vintage typography while integrating a bit of Victorian-era gothic design to each letter. The result of this abomination is an amazing-looking font. It’s great for crafting titles for various types of designs. The font comes in 8 different weights as well.

23. Wizard — Magic & Fantasy Movie Font

Wizard is a font that comes with a classic fantasy look that you can use with your magic-themed designs. Whether it’s for a children’s party banner or a movie poster, this all-caps font offers many fun and great uses.



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