25+ Best Thin & Skinny Fonts in 2022

Faizan Bhatti
8 min readMar 11, 2022


Thin and skinny fonts are a popular choice in various print and digital designs. They are especially the perfect choice for designing titles and headings that convey a loving and friendly message.

While you can easily find a good thin font from various marketplaces, we did the heavy lifting for you to help you save time and effort. In this post, we present to you a handpicked collection of the best thin and skinny fonts you can download right now.

There are many different styles of sans-serif, script, cursive, and other skinny fonts in this list. You can use them for crafting everything from T-shirt designs to greeting cards, product labels, and much more.

We also included a few free thin fonts in this list. Have a look and be sure to download them all.

LUPINES — Cute Skinny Handwriting Font

Lupines is a skinny handwriting font that has everything you want in a thin font. It features a cute letter design that will look adorable on a greeting card. And it also features a unique hand-crafted look that will add a personalized touch to your designs. It’s simply perfect in every way.

Summertime — Thin Casual Script Font

Whether it’s for a summer flyer title or writing a message on an invitation, this beautiful thin font is perfect for adding a casual feel to all kinds of print designs. The font is especially great for making wedding invitations, poster titles, flyer designs, and more.

Auvelle — Minimal Skinny Font

If you’re looking for a font that has a minimal and skinny letter design, this font is made just for you. It includes a set of simple and thin letters that are ideal for creating elegant titles for your book covers, logos, business cards, and everything in between. The font has extensive multilingual support too.

Among The Wildflowers — Skinny Font Duo

Among the Wildflowers is a monoline font with a set of skinny characters. It comes in two different fonts including a monoline script font and a regular font. The script font features 30 alternate characters and 6 decorative ends for making your titles look much prettier.

Fulgate Thin — Modern Luxury Font

This font has the perfect look for designing titles and heading for luxury brand designs. It has a set of thin and elegant letters with lots of alternates that you can use to craft all kinds of high-end, luxury, and fashion-related designs.

Anaheim — Free Thin Script Font

Anaheim is a free script font featuring very thin letter designs. This font includes uppercase and lowercase letters with lots of ligatures and swashes. You can use it to design business cards, signatures, and more.

Extra Cheese — Free Skinny Fonts

You can download this collection of tall and skinny fonts for free. It includes multiple styles of skinny fonts featuring thin, shadow, and a total of 5 different styles. It’s perfect for fun and entertaining title designs.

Nectar — Elegant Thin Font

If you’re looking for a thin, elegant, and minimalist font to craft modern-looking titles, this font is a must-have for you. It’s an all-caps font that comes in two different font weights. The font is most suitable for designing logos, labels, and packaging for fashion brands.

Ace Sans — Modern Font Family

Ace Sans is a family of sans-serif fonts that includes 8 fonts in multiple weights ranging from thin to extra bold and black. This bundle has a font to match all your needs and its multipurpose design makes it one of the best fonts for designing titles for all kinds of projects.

Last Kids — Thin Script Font

A fun and creative script font with a thin letter design. This font has a fun and casual design that you can use with everything from greeting cards to product packaging design and more. It’s also great for banners, posters, and other designs related to children as well.

He Loves Me — Sweet Skinny Font

The tall and skinny design of this font makes it perfect for crafting titles for simple and romantic designs, such as Valentine’s day cards, anniversary cards, invitations, and more. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Love Junkie — Felt Marker Thin Font

This font features a design inspired by ballpoint pens but it also looks a lot similar to felt marker pens as well. It includes a regular font and an all-caps font. As well as a dingbats version full of adorable doodles. You can craft all kinds of cute designs with this font.

Monique Script — Free Thin Script Font

A stylish and free script font featuring thin characters. It’s a signature-style font that you can use with your personal and commercial projects for free. It is ideal for logo and business card designs.

Lea Serif — Free Skinny Font

Lea Serif comes with a unique style of serif letters that will surely help add a unique look to your titles. It’s perfect for crafting titles with a handmade look. The font is free for personal use.

Skinny — Creative Handwriting Fonts

This font is made just for fans of tall and skinny fonts. It features a creative letter design that also gives off a handcrafted look and feel. There are 4 different skinny fonts in this pack. Along with monograms for designing logos and unique experimental designs of your own.

The Flowery — Cute & Thin Font

With this cute and thin font, you can craft attractive headings and titles for various print designs. It’s perfect for greeting cards as well as social media posts and more. It’s also an all-caps font that includes a set of alternate characters.

Rodest — Elegant Thin Font Family

Rodest is a stylishly elegant font family that includes various styles of thin and bold fonts. There are 9 different fonts in this family featuring multiple weights. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well. The font is ideal for crafting titles for luxury and high-end designs.

Love Story — Cute Skinny Font

This is an adorable skinny font that can be used with various types of print and digital designs. It’s an all-caps font that’s made specifically for designing wedding invitations, greeting cards, and labels. You can also use its alternate characters to create unique logo and title designs as well.

Carley & Co — Skinny Font Family

Carley & Co. is a family of skinny fonts that include fonts in 3 weights, ranging from light, regular, and bold. All versions have skinny letters that simply look amazing on postcards, greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts, and pretty much all print and digital designs.

Peach Daisy — Free Thin Font

Be sure to download this free font to use with your personal projects. The font features a stylishly elegant design that will make your posters, flyers, and website headers stand out from the crowd.

Mailhome — Free Skinny Font

Mailhome is a free skinny font that features a set of tall and narrow characters. The font features a handwritten letter design that allows you to design headings and titles with a personal touch. It’s free for personal use.

Zevida — Thin Sans Serif Font Family

Zevida is a stylishly modern and elegant font featuring a thin character design. This font looks perfect for designing logos and headings for modern brands. It includes 4 weights, regular, light, thin, and bold.

Monthly Stories — Skinny Ballpoint Pen Font

This skinny font features a ballpoint pen or marker pen style letter design. It’s designed to help you create text that looks like they were written by hand or with a pen. This makes it most suitable for personalized designs such as greeting cards and invitations.

Rectory — Modern Thin Font

You can use this modern thin font to craft all kinds of titles, headings, and text. The font has a multipurpose design with a unique style of characters. It also lets you choose from 4 different font weights as well as a WebFont version.

Versova — Skinny Handmade Font

Another beautiful skinny font with a handmade look and feel. With this font, you can design cute and creative titles for your custom designs, such as mug prints and T-shirts. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters.

Winsterday — Thin Cursive Font

Winsterday is a unique signature-style cursive font with a thin letter design. It comes with 20 swashes along with its unique characters. This font is most suitable for designing business cards, logos, and letterheads for personal brands.

One Thin Line — Unique Thin Font

This is a very unique thin font that features an uncommon letter design. It features letters that have been formed by a single line. The font comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters.



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