Once upon a time, graphic design blogs were all about eye candy. But while there’s nothing wrong with that, recent years have seen more and more blogs that delve a little deeper.

Nowadays, if you want to see the latest design work, find out who created it, what the challenges were, and how they overcame them, there’s a blog for that. Consequently, if you just want a quick blast of eye candy to inspire you visually, you’re well catered for as well. …

So you’re interested in a graphic design career? Then you’re in luck: you’ve chosen a profession where there’s strong demand from employers right now, and where the salaries are pretty impressive, even for starting positions.

And let’s face it, it’s one of the coolest professions around. You’re going to be waking up every morning knowing you’ll spend the day doing something you love, alongside fellow creatives who share your passion and keep you inspired.

Some careers have your progression mapped out before you even start (how depressing is that?), but being a designer to lead you to jobs, companies and places you never expected.

With graphic design, you’ll have a myriad of options open to you, including — in a time of rapid technical innovation — some that haven’t even been invented yet.

In short…

I’m working in designing field for over 8 years, and I found some of the best links that I cannot work without. I’m sure you’ll love them all.

Here are those 5 links:

1. Coolors

Consuming design inspiration is a great way to get fresh ideas and is a crucial part of the design process. It also helps you stay updated with current design trends and become aware of emerging design patterns.
We’ve listed below an extensive list of places you could get tons of design examples and spark new ideas for absolutely anything.

The list may be a bit overwhelming, so you may want to consider getting the best ones out of all of them in a single view by getting Muzli :)

Muzli Inspiration

These 3 colors will be popping up everywhere next year. How do we know? Do we have psychic powers? Nope, we just have all the data. And that’s better than psychic powers.

See the spectrum

Discover Lush Lava, Aqua Menthe, and Phantom Blue — three shades that will dominate 2020 and showcase the trend towards maximalism and saturated hues.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Color is a simple, yet powerful form of messaging. It portrays a wide range of emotions without so much…

Discover 10 of the best and coolest fonts every graphic designer should have in 2020!

Honestly, it took us some time to examine all the current trends in typeface design and we took a very close look at all the latest font releases to give you a fine selection of 10 cool fonts that will be very popular among designers in 2020.

Choosing the best typeface for a certain design project can be a difficult task. It depends on many details such as the main topic, the individual media (print, web or mobile for instance), the number of characters and text size, and of course current font trends. After digging deep into every detail as…

Updated 3/29/2019: We’ve updated this post to include some more recent favorites. Enjoy!

Since the first conference way back in 1984, TED Talks have inspired us, captivated us, and given us something thought-provoking to watch over lunch. To help you catch the can’t-miss gems of TED’s 300+ design-focused talks, we’ve hand-picked a few of our favorites.

1. “How giant websites design for you (and a billion others, too)” by Margaret Gould Stewart

Facebook’s “like” and “share” buttons are seen more than 20 billion times a day, making them some of the most-viewed design elements ever created. …

Whats your dream character? Small and curvy? Tall and strong? Whatever your type, you’ll see the most attractive glyphs in this typographic beauty contest. The ampersand is every typography addict’s favourite ligature, but which font has the best? I searched the world’s font foundries to create a showcase of the most beautiful ampersands, find the one that takes your fancy.

Originally a ligature that combined the letters E and T of the Latin word ‘et’, the ampersand is now a common replacement for the word ‘and’. Its form has evolved over centuries from the more script-like ‘et’ ligature where the…

Designers often spend a lot of time deciding which typefaces to pair up and most sites just give one-sentence examples that don’t offer a real preview of what the text will look like.

has created a set of mock-ups that show different Google Font combinations for headline and body copy. They’ve used filler text from ‘Humans of New York’ and also featured the font size, line height and letter spacing they’ve used in each case. Check it out below.

The year 2019 kicks into high gear and it’s a good time for a logo trends review from Logaster. Let’s take a look at what design trends are popular and what to expect soon. Ready! Steady! Go!

1. Simplification

Many large companies are freeing their logos of minor details, so we can say that the simplification trend is here to stay. The main idea behind simplification is that the logo must stay perfectly readable across different surfaces (printed materials, screens, etc.) and from any distance. …

Faizan Bhatti

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Illustrator

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