The Best Resources for the Designers 2021

Faizan Bhatti
7 min readDec 29, 2021

1. Free Software Alternatives for a Graphic Designer!

Every graphic designer know-how is costly Adobe products and everyone can’t afford the cost of these products so I bring some alternatives for you. Have a look

  1. Adobe Photoshop ALternative GIMP

2. Adobe Illustrator ALternative INKSCAPE

3. AE ALternative NATRON

4. XD ALternative FIGMA

2. Create your Job-Winning Resume with these Resume Creator

As a designer, We build the first impression by resume portfolio so why not we should make an eye-catching and stand out a resume from the crowd, Just try with these free and paid tools.

3. 5 Favorite Books of Graphic designers

Design is a collection of inspiration, creativity, knowledge, and technique so you must update yourself and know more about these. I m suggesting some best books of design Just check out

4. How to make a Perfect Portfolio?

If you are looking to become a professional designer, having a professional portfolio is a must! Follow these guides to help you create the perfect portfolio today.

5. Some Advice on Printing For You

Looking for some printing advice? These are the best places to look!

6. The Best Tutorials for Graphic Designers to Learn Everything

Nowadays, Typography is most popular. Every designer is trying to play around with it. These are some popular posts which support you to pick the best font for your next project. You should update it with a new and stylish font. Check these ones out:

7. Every Graphic Designer Don’t Skip These Blog

Design is a field where you should be updated with trends, style, news of design, and tools. I picked highly professional and informative blogs for a graphic designer. Let these blogs made just for graphic designers point you in the right direction!

8. Free Business Name and Slogan Generator

Beat your competitor with the memorable and creative name with the best name generator tools also keep a highly professional slogan from the Shopify slogan maker. It is a very creative and useful tool which gives you lots of slogan around your keywords ides.

9. Super Elegant Mock up to Add in Portfolio

A good elegant mockup helps designers to create professional and attractive websites with a few simple clicks. Here are the best sites to look for the best elegant mockups to add to your portfolio.

10. All about the Best Graphic Designers

Just like any skill, you have people of different levels. When it comes to graphic designers, Know about everything to the best designers in the world.



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